I need cheering up

yea i think that too… on the street here there is not so many skaters anymore either… they are all on the ramps like you said.

Oh wow! Yeah, a lot of people wear Vans and Ethies here and have never even touched a skateboard.

I was out on the West Coast years ago and the men’s summer uniform was skate shoes, baggy shorts, and a baggy plain black or white tee. Haha!

I’ve heard about skaters in the UK. That’s a bummer it’s dying down. I used to skate in Southern California and I praise it for keeping me away from the gangs and trouble.


Street skating was always fun. We used to climb fences and find cool places to skate

They only built a skate park here after I’d already done street, so never got into it

Some impressive stuff people are doing though from what I see on YouTube videos

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my brother really liked to skate when he was younger. I think he skated on the streets more though… but that was some years ago already… maybe 10 years by now… so a lot changed.

That must have been an amazing experience to skate there!


I think I’d be going back maybe 20 years now since I was into it

When I had to change high schools, I got more into drugs and there were no skaters there. Maybe 1 I can remember who used to skate with my old school friends

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Yeah, it was a trip at times! We had to be careful we didn’t skate or tag in any gang territory.

I had one friend who got chased by a cholo who was chasing him with a baseball bat haha!!

Things were kinda more chill in LA though. I stayed there for about a month one time and my awesome mom took me to a skate shop there. I bought something there and the skaters gave me a bunch of awesome stickers. One of them said “Skateboarding is not a crime.”


Sounds exciting! We were never bothered by anyone except for groups of chavs, which are basically the thug type people who used to hang around doing drugs and beating people up

I guess they were the gangs, but skaters didn’t really fall into much favour with them, and we’d often get into fights with people like that for no reason other than having a skate board and wearing baggy clothes etc or a band t shirt on

The Police used to chase us quite a bit, but they never really did anything except take us home and try and shame our parents!

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Haha! Yeah, some of the cops were kinda a holes with us too. They would just kick us out of spots or warn us.

Some of them were kinda cool though, and would just talk to us like adults.

As far as the gangs go, I think in hindsight a lot of the gangsters liked us because we sort of dressed similar and we sort of outlaws back then too. Sometimes they would even come up to us and ask if they could try out our boards.

It’s almost Summer and the days are about as long as they can get.

Maybe make some nachos or buy ingredients for some nachos and eat with a good movie.


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