I need cheering up

Anyone want to chat about anything?


Hey @Joker I think you’re a real good dude I don’t want you to feel so down/or in danger of hurting yourself. Was sup??

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I have literally drifted from bed to the computer for the last two days and feeling pretty low.

Surely I should have a bigger cage?

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I will be watching soccer in 3hrs, Eurocup Spain vs Sweden. Now I am vaping and lisrening to music. I am hungry will soon go make food, probably asian chicken dumplings with sauce, just have to heat them in the microwave. What about you?

How is work going?

That sounds cool. I have not followed football for a while

I have no plans. The last two days I have deleted everything from my schedule as I have felt overwhelmed, but it has just left me feeling rubbish

It was my parents bright spark idea that I needed some time off, and I have not done anything constructive with the time, as I have nothing to do

I am too used to working, and I have nothing else in my life really


Sorry you’re feeling down.

Can you go for a walk or something?

Get yourself out of your room and moving.

It’ll probably make you feel better.


Maybe a short break will energize you and give you some time for relaxation or vacation.

I don’t really do that. Sometimes I walk the dog with my parents, but without a purpose to go for a walk not sure I can do it

I have been off 4 days, and I feel like I am just sitting here digging myself a grave.

Also, I am booked until September for work, with little time to make room for a holiday

Plus the Covid-19 situation is very limiting in what you can do and where you can go. They’re going to extend lockdown in England for another 4 weeks! It was supposed to be over on June 21st

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Hey Joker. I’m not up to much. I just ordered some Vans slip on shoes. They’re really trendy now, but I just like them because I have a hard time tying shoes.

sorry to hear you feeling down @Joker
i hope you feel better soon.
i’m not up to much… listening some music and browsing the forum.
I went for a walk with my dad today though… 1.5 hour walk, that was nice.
wednesday i get my depot shot again

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I used to wear Vans when I was a skater. Didn’t even know they were still around!

My trainer of choice is Nike at the moment. I never tie the laces, I just tuck them in

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It’s ok. I just need to get better at doing things without feeling overwhelmed by the list

Plenty to do, but I have just shut down the last few days like I have not for a long while

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Oh yeah man! Vans are super trendy here in the states. Even rappers and a lot of people in the inner city rock them. :slight_smile:

Nikes are pretty dope too. Nice and comfortable.

maybe make shorter lists and finish the shorter lists? or would that still be the same?

Nice! They always used to be pretty popular.

Skating has died a bit of a death here, as it used to be a thing, but the younger kids don’t seem to be as interested in it as they used to be.

Not sure.

Surprised you can get a rapper in a pair now!

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ah here it’s still quite popular… they have skate parks everywhere here.

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Would still be the same. For some reason my mind tends to project quite far into the future, and it can get very tiresome sometimes to have lots of things going on

If all I had to do was sort my own stuff out, it would be ok. But I have everyone else’s gardens to worry about building, and I get a bit overwhelmed by lots of things going on personally when all that’s happening as well

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ah yea i can imagine that that takes a lot of you. I think it’s impressive of you to do all that still! And you do a good job at it too.

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I might drop into one locally and see what’s going on.

When I was growing up, people were skating all over the streets. Maybe it’s all about ramps now instead of street skating

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