I need a new team to root for. i am "free agent fan" haha

if im going to renew my subscription i need a new team to root for, because im blacked out from watching cincinnati reds games. but i can watch all other teams. i also like the colorado rockies but they are always trading their best players and nobody can pitch there. any suggestions? and no yankees, my beard is too epic to be a yankee fan, and no red sox, nationals, or dodgers either.

Why are you blacked out from the reds? What does blacked out mean?

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i pick teams based on what cities i like, for non sports reasons. i like miami in the winter, so i usually revert to florida and miami teams. i’m from ohio, so that’s also a factor, cause i like my home state


it’s like that for all teams. it means if you live in a team’s local area, that you can’t watch the games until they are archived. if you want to watch the games, you have to get a local cable package or streaming cable that carries the teams games, but that is much more expensive than mlb’s streaming service.

i think i will stick with the colorado rockies as my new team, i love colorado and denver, but will have to adjust my schedule and stay up later in the night because they are on the western time zone and play later in the day. i also love their uniforms haha. and coors field. i think they have a lot of potential, they should just try to outscore opponents all the time with all that offense haha.

also i don’t like teams that always win. like the yankees and dodgers, that just seems like being a front runner. the wins are sweeter when you have to have patience on player development and such. of course im not going to root for one of those teams with a miniscule payroll either. i like smart front offices with good scouting departments but still have at least a 120-160 million dollar payroll with good mlb players.

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