I miss work

Work and health was much much better than this.

I miss it.

Can’t depend on people, i miss being able to depend on myself, making my own.


That is about the most positive thing I’ve seen you post. I’m also looking to get back out on my own.

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i found jobs that were compatible and flexible with my sz.
for a while i was a courier in the city, when younger.
a disabled friend of mine proof read scripts/novels from home as a part time job , she really enjoyed it.
take care

I miss work, bu I have such bad considerations issues and since my illness still affects me I cannot hold a steady job because I’m constantly making mistakes…

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I miss work too. When I was un-medicated it was one of my coping methods. I was a workaholic. The structure of it helped keep me sane. I liked keeping busy and helping others, contributing to the world. You hit a nerve there Pansdisease. The loss of independence has been the hardest thing for me since my relapse.

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Same here >.>, totally a huge shift and not working gives me more time to orchestrate huge delusions of grandeur (probably to keep my mind interested in life) and keeps me in the ever present here and now. Also

What do you mean relapse Skims?

You’ve just given me an epiphany! A relapse is what I had. It’s so simple yet so profound. I first got sick when I was 13. They diagnosed me with Schizoaffective Disorder. In my twenties I seemed to be doing better and even went off of all my meds. When I was 26 I became psychotic to where I wasn’t just having symptoms like before but was living in the world of psychosis. I came up with all of these elaborate theories, like my sza had evolved into sz. Thanks for that!

In answering the original question, yes I miss work. I still have dreams of when I worked at JC Penney that feel so real. It was a great job. I could take smoke breaks whenever I wanted and my only responsibilities were stock and straightening the men’ department. Towards the end I could hear a radio in the clothes that I thought was broadcasting my thoughts and was so afraid I would hide.

Hopefully when I get done school in two years I’ll be able to work again. :sunny:

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I really miss work. I long to work
I do charity work which is the next best thing but that’s only part time
I have loads of qualifications
and I keep hoping one day I will get back into paid employment.

First of all, why is this posted under Unusual Beliefs? Its perfectly logical to miss working and earning a living.

I know I definitely miss practicing nursing. Helping people on a daily basis, seeing people make progress, watching families come together. All of that was a huge blessing to me.

I’ve vowed to myself that I WILL become a psych NP, and will return to work someday. I don’t care if I’m 70 lol.

I think we should all keep our dreams alive. They serve as great motivation to get better.




I first had symptoms of sza when I was 18-20 or so but then in my mid to late 20’s I was unmedicated and coping well until I relapsed with a bought of psychosis and landed back in the hospital in my 30’s and am back on meds. Kind of like SunGirl describes too. It evolved. Came and went and came back again. My pdoc says its not uncommon for it to come in waves like that.