I might have died tonight. On Christmas Eve

I was having trouble sleeping tonight, as is usual for me, and after taking my usual 0.5 mg of Klonipin, I was laying in bed causing myself to sink deeper and deeper into unconsciousness until I finally blacked out. I mean completely blacked out. Everything went solid, jet black for about two and a half minutes. Very, very unusual. I could swear that I died at that very moment. When I opened my eyes though, everything came back into focus. My father described his cardiac arrest as, “everything just went black”. My body could be dead on this Christmas eve. My soul could be on another plane of existence.


U are immortal sister Gina …!!! May u live long …lot of prayer from far cry0…


So glad you’re still around :slight_smile:


I have experienced similar, and know I have died a few times during sleep apnea shut downs. Hate it. I have had thoughts lately. If somebody’s heart stops completely, and they keep living, are they eligible to collect on their own life insurance policy?
My brain. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


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