I made a lot of mistakes


I’m getting smarter now and not making as many mistakes. People criticize me for mistakes I’ve made. I don’t think they know I’m schizo. Or maybe they do and don’t understand it. I wish I could just move away. Or isolate. But I see people in public I know and they give me dirty looks. I don’t think they would give me dirty looks for “being schizo” but I think they give me dirty looks for all the times I’ve made a fool of myself when I didn’t even know what was going on. I used to abuse drugs and they think I’m a “loser” for abusing drugs by myself, and trying to be “cool” even though I was just trying to feel better. They don’t understand it. But it bothers me that they don’t. F some people. Or am I just paranoid?

My friend once texted me “You were greedy”, and hasn’t talked to me since, when he has no clue what he’s talking about. That bothers me to this day. Whatever…


I had a counselor who understood schizophrenia pretty well. Therefore, I asked him, “Why do schizophrenics take criticism so hard?” He said, "“It sticks in their craw.”



we all make mistakes…that is how we ( the human race ) grow.
mistake = learning = wisdom.
you are not a loser, we suffer from an illness that impairs our judgement and actions.
take care :alien: