I’m sure it takes allsorts… But any of you real bullies with street cred it lasted past one or two years of acceptance… With the crowd all the time and putting others down

Just wondering, because there are some right arseholes around
I was Only really there for a year…as a teenager, for about a year thinking I was cool with alcohol and drugs
A crowd and comfortable but not bullying
Outside of that year I’m a real outsider

I don’t even know how weird I am
I’ve met the odd person who although likeable as a person comes across as totally un everything and are the typical person most people avoid

I don’t think I’m that because ive had fun with people generally as a pair
Some very good female relationships as well as being completely aslut for many years

So I’m not at the absolute outside but I think some people would write me off in a second
Even within some of these relationships I’ve Felt mocked though

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