I’m in the latent phase of labour

Morning all. I’ve been up all night having contractions. It’s been going on 12 hours now. I have called the unit where I am due to give birth but for now they have advised me to stay home.

Now my contractions are every 5 minutes. I will give them another call. I hope he comes soon cause I’ve heard nightmares of people going for days in the latent phase.


Good luck with the birth @Fanny_Longbottom ! Hope its an easy one!

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Thanks @rogueone

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That’s so exciting @Fanny_Longbottom I hope everything goes well for you and baby. Hugs! :hugs:


Exciting! Good luck!

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Good luck @Fanny_Longbottom !

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Thanks guys. I called them up again and I’m going into maternity triage to get checked. I hope I don’t get sent home. Just getting some last minute things together now.


Good luck, I hope all goes smoothly for you and for your son.

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Congratulations (I didn’t know you were pregnant). I hope everything goes well for you and your beautiful baby boy comes sooner rather than later.

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Thoughts are with you during this time.

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Good luck @Fanny_Longbottom .

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At the hospital now. I’m being admitted to delivery suite. Got a birthing pool. I’m 4cm dialated.


Good luck @Fanny_Longbottom !

I’m so excited and you are using a birthing pool! I’ve heard those are the best. Good luck!

Exciting things, @Fanny_Longbottom!

Best of luck to you and your soon-to-get-here baby :sunny:

oooh a Quertette I’m so excited!

How are things going?

How exciting! Good luck!

best of luck with the delivery @Fanny_Longbottom =)

Omg ill pray for you, im happy your going to give birth i hope you will have a healthy baby. Giving life is the greatest gift thats my opinion. :blush: