I’m going to stay on my meds

I decided that I’m going to stay on my meds. I’ve been wanting to stop taking them because I kept hoping I would feel this good off meds but that may be too risky so I’m going to keep taking them. Maybe one day I won’t need an antidepressant anymore and I can just take an antipsychotic and be fine.


Its very difficult to come off the psychomedication. They aren’t candy. Especially antidepressants, they are for life.


You made the right decision. Good on you. :hatched_chick::hatched_chick::hatched_chick:


Glad you’re staying on your meds. Hugs


Good :slight_smile: I’m glad :slight_smile:

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Best stay on meds, at least get your doc aboard if you are going to attempt something in the future. Quitting cold turkey without a plan is usually a very bad idea.

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Good decision! If you are doing well and the side effects are minimal or tolerable, then I think it is best to stay on your meds.

I don’t have any side effects.

I don’t have any side effects either. I will never go off my meds.

I was told by my first psychiatrist that when you go off and on your meds repeatedly they become less effective. Since your meds are working now and you have no side effects I would highly recommend you stick with them.


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