I love game shows

I spend alot of my time watching game shows like family feud and wheel of fortune. I kinda feel like Im an old lady because of it. Anyone else like game shows? Theyre really calming and no brainer kinda stuff which is why I like them


I can’t watch anything with more than 1 person talking. Hallucinations.


I get that, understandable

I love best-of Family Feud compilations on YouTube.

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Ive never watched them I just watch the full show on television. Ill have to look them up :smile:

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I used to watch the game show channel.

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Have you seen cash cab??

Yes. It’s a gooden.

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Yeah I really enjoy that show

My favorite is the price is right. I’m finally warming up to Drew Carey after all these years. The Drew Carey show was hilarious.

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I LOVE the price is right I watch it every day

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I haven’t watched it in awhile. I’m unable to afford cable. When I did have cable I had a set schedule. Morning news - Kelly and Ryan - price is right - the next game show - the talk

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I have a line up like that too

I love game shows. I’m watching wheel of fortune right now. I like family feud and America says and password.

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Im watching jeopardy right now

My dad loves a game show. Considering they are popular out here in Australia he watches a hell of a lot of them. I think like 3 or more a day.

Another reason to like the land down under.

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