I lost my sense of taste

Everything is bland. My coffee this morning didn’t even taste good. Last night I had to salt my macaroni and cheese casserole, which I never do, and I could barely taste dessert.

Now I’m trying new vape flavors and they aren’t very strong, I can barely taste them.


Eeek. That’s a symptom of covid :confused:

I’d contact your GP and organise a covid test.


Do you have a cold? Because that can cause you to lose your sense of taste.

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no, I don’t have a cold.

Do you smoke? That can change taste.

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Geez, @Aziz, she was just writing about vaping.

What you mean? Some ppl smoke and vape at the same time.

Also I lost sense of smell and taste when I had covid.

??? vaping is e-smoking.

Oh you mean vaping altered her sense of taste? Could be but it didn’t for me. I think its more the cigarette smoking that alters taste.

Yes, that is what I meant.

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That happens to me sometimes I don’t taste things, and I experience bad tastes from my sz. and it is delusional.

Might be vape tongue. That happens sometimes if you are vaping a lot.


I wouldn’t panic if its covid. But I would take zinc and vitamin C and try to rest…

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I’ve probably been vaping too much, and mostly mint so…

Ok I’m making my delicious peach cake that my son requested, if I can’t taste that then I’m really going to be pissed.

Get a covid test just to be sure.


well, thankfully I could taste the cake so I think it was just from vaping my brains out yesterday.


@leafy be like:

Here there be dragons!


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lol, you crack me up