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I was a child of the sixties. In the sixties I learned I was chronically anxious and depressed. I was told my difficulties were primarily genetic. Including genetics into conversations with myself or others didn’t turn out to be very satisfying, however.

About the seventies, we suggested depression was anger turned inward. So I took a good look at my anger. Yeah, I have some anger. That idea didn’t prove terribly helpful, however.

In the eighties, I asked a therapist what does one do with anger? He said, “That’s the million dollar question.”

About the nineties, we were examining our feelings. Actually, I learned the difference between a thought and a feeling. I learned that feelings are intimate, and sharing them included a chance to move closer or farther away with those around us. But after awhile it seemed not a great many people cared too much about my feelings.

Recently, I learned others are interested in my behavior rather than my feelings.

I have some strategies for anxiety. The latest addition is to employ distraction.

You are younger than I am. What is current in thinking about schizophrenia? I just want to get with what young people are talking about.


I am a child of the seventies. Nowadays however, schizophrenia in my area is very much seen as a chemical disorder primarily treated with antipsychotics. Therapy with different forms of counselling is seen as additional to the main chemical treatment. Therapy is supplementary to help you whilst on medication and includes counselling and CBT. Solutions are seen as the best that can be achieved rather than a hundred percent cure.

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