I learned a new word today: polylectal

It sounds so dirty !!!


what does it mean?

I really don’t know. It has to do with linguistics. I’ll have to read more to figure it out but here’s the definition:
“ In the field of dialectology, a diasystem or polylectal grammar is a linguistic analysis set up to encode or represent a range of related varieties in a way that displays their structural differences.”


wow =p that is almost as complex as the word itself… haha =D
nice new word you learned though =)


hmmm if we break down the word and the context you sent, it looks like to me it means multiple dialects? i bet a lot of people in the uk are polylectal, including myself!

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I never thought about that but you may be correct. Are you into linguistics?

not massively but i do have an english literature degree, so im used to dissecting words if i’m not sure what they mean!

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Oh. Ok. I get it.

I think it means learning the structure (grammatic) of different dialects.

Some dialects have another grammatic structure even it’s the same language?

I don’t know. I think syntax between Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Arabic is a little different for example. Like in Egyptian Arabic one says “Means what this?” Whereas MSA one says “What this mean?” Word order is a little different.

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Yes, that’s not a big difference, perhaps it is what polylectal means, the minor differences. I should know, but I’m old and forgot my linguistics.

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I looked up lecture etymology. I’m not sure if both words come from the same root but:

late Middle English (in the sense ‘reading, a text to read’): from Old French, or from medieval Latin lectura , from Latin lect- ‘read, chosen’, from the verb legere .

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