I keep thinking about this over and over again

I keep thinking about my soccer career over and over again. My soccer career got ruined, because of social phobia. I can tell, I would have played for a division 1 school…if I didn’t have social phobia. The coach of the division one school, that I wanted to play for…even asked me if I wanted to play for him, when I was 12 years old.

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It’s better not to grieve missed opportunities. That’s a form of self harm. Think about what you have now and what you can do with it.

If the social phobia hadn’t come along it could have just as easily been ruined by a knee injury. Or cancer. Or something else. Life’s a bugger, mate.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda…

Does winding yourself up over this make you feel any better or worse? Is it a productive use of your energy? Is there something more positive you could do with this energy and time?


Thank you for trying to help me. I try not to think about as much. I am not letting myself, get bitter about it…and get angry about it.

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It’s not healthy to ruminate too much about the past. The present is where the living happens.


Yes, don’t ever get bitter @jake—that’s key.

Plenty of bitterness and spite in the world, and it’s not a healthy thing.

I think, after hanging around this place long enough, it’s fair to say that a lot of us have dealt and are still dealing with missed opportunities and “what if’s” because of this illness.

But one has to remember that life can change in an instant, so nothing is ever certain.

Living in the present is a good place to be.

Wishing you well :dizzy:


Count me in on this part of your statement.

With the thought of this mental illness in every decision I make, I always thought of what my alternative woulda, coulda, shoulda have been.


Do you still play? A couple of years ago I found a pick up game in my area. Although I guess if you were that good you would probably be bored with a local pick up game.

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