I just took D-Serine

I will keep you guys posted on its effects.


How much did you take?

1/4 table spoon (700 MG) based on its instructions

On here it said people took more for an average dose. I can increase the dose as time progresses. I plan to take another 1/4 TSP dose of it later in the day if I feel OK on it.


That’s a huge amount breh…

When’dyou get so beefy man?

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I don’t think taking 1/4 TSP is a lot. It looks very small. On the package it says that equals to 700 mg’s. On the link I gave it said, “The usual dose used in D-serine studies is 30mg/kg of bodyweight. This correlates to an approximate dosage range of 2,045 – 2,727mg for people between 150 – 200 lbs.”

My sarcosine also came in the mail today, but according to schizophrenia.com you shouldn’t take that at the same time you take d-serine.

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yeah but a gram is a big amount of any pure substance… I’m guessing its a neurotransmitter… just saying that number jumped out at me.

If that’s the recommended dose… so it goes then…

Let us know what happens.

Has there been any impact on your behavior that you’ve noticed? Are you doing more? Getting out more? Any impact on your negative symptoms?

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I only tried it for 2 days and switched to sarcosine. I think sarcosine is more effective and I did experience some nausea while on d-serine. It even tastes better if that says anything. I will eventually try it again but I prefer the immediate effects and tried and true method of sarcosine for now.

I would say I feel great on sarcosine though. I definitely feel positive effects from it right away. I’m not saying I’m a super genius on it as far as nootropics are concerned, but I would say I do feel a euphoric effect from it.

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I read on your website you should not take d-serine at the same time of sarcosine. Is this tested, or is it just an opinion that it might cause problems?

I just took my nightly dose of sarcosine. I would say it has an immediate positive effect. I really like the stuff. It is a mild euphoric effect, and I feel more cerebral. To me that means a lot. After all, I guzzle down a lot of caffeine to feel a lesser effect than this, and I don’t feel the ill-effects associated with caffeine. It feels like a clean substance has entered my blood stream, so this is a good product.