I just sent a Watsapp message to my family Watsapp

I basically said

Hi everyone I just want to say sorry that I’m not around so much and that I’m not there to support much. I’m quite depressed and it affects me in more ways than just my mood. I hope you can all forgive me.
Then I added separately
I would like to be around more but it is so difficult for me.

I feel a bit better now. I don’t want them thinking I don’t care.


so far my sister has replied, she said

its ok
no need to apologise
we’re here when ready



my little brother asked

ready for what



There are a lot of different social media apps.

yea watsapp is my favourite.

though I do use facebook too. every now and again,

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Yes Whatsapp is good and popular. I think it requires personal information like phone number and name to add a contact though. It’s not as private as some other social media apps.

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Really, it’s not as private?

I didn’t know that

Oh cos ur sharing ur phone number I see

Instagram is cool too, though I don’t use it

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There are literally lists of all the social media apps online. Two I have found that are basically anonymous are WeChat and LINE.

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