I have to kill my mom before she kills me

I know it may not be real but I’m still kind of scared

What to do? :frowning: Obviously now I’m kind of safe because I’m at the ward

Talk to your pdoc

Your mother has placed you in the Psyche Ward because you are unstable…and perhaps she is afraid for her own life.

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I may be unstable but I am afraid for my life too

What would he be able to do about it?

It may help to journal daily your fears, worries or unusual beliefs. It can put things in perspective.

Your mother does not want to kill you. She is getting you help at the Hospital because she loves you.

Maybe he will change or increase the dosage of the med you are taking

No she wants to torture me here becaus eshe knows I hate the hospital :confused:

U can’t increase my meds anymore theyre at the max dose I think

That’s worth trying i guess

whats this talk???

My mother also knows that I hate being in the hospital, but despite that she put me in hospital 5 times

Isn’t that bad? :confused:

Yes it is, but they maybe can help, for me they helped me a little bit, but after 3 months everything came back :worried:

If you are contemplating killing your own mother, I suggest you are going to be at the Hospital for a very long time.

And that’s the stark reality you are going to have to face.

Your mother is probably very scared of you right now…and so she should be.

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But I’m not evil
I’m just scared of her do you realise

No one realises I’m scared of her too

But your mother loves you, which is why she has gotten you medical attention from professionals.

What do I need medical attention for
I’m already on APs