I have made a lot of improvement,having some setbacks currently

For the past 6 months,I had met a lot of people and talk to people which I never thought I would do it,had quit gaming and pornography.Had one of the greatest 6 months of my life which I would like to make it happen again!

This past month after I injured my ankle,things had gone abit downhill.My Body dismorphic disorder symptoms had come back quite strongly and I had been avoiding socializing because of it.Luckly it’s still not as bad as I used to suffer,I still put in effort to do some simple exercise,I bought a book to overcome or at least improve my body dismorphia.I had not gone back to gaming or have any urge to do so,I guess I had got over gaming!All is still good even though I am at a rough patch now,this forum has helped,my family has helped and my friends I recently met has helped!

I am only goddam thankful things had not been even worse :sweat_smile:


Glad you’re doing better.

Really proud of you for overcoming those obstacles.



Thank you,I am grateful to have your affirmation,I will not give up and continue.Wish your doing well also!!