I have ana interview on Monday

I applied online at walmart yesterday, they got back to me today and I have an interview on Monday. I’m hoping that once school starts I can switch to overnights which is why i applied for a stocking position cause they usually have overnight shifts. I’m gonna talk to my current work tomorrow and let them know I’m searching for other jobs. Honestly not looking forward to it but I should give them the heads up. Also not looking forward to the interview. Interviews are scary.


Best of luck with everything :four_leaf_clover:


Overnight shifts are one of the reasons I had a mental breakdown. Go to the interview but ask for weekends if you don’t need to work full time . But do what you think feels best. I had horrible sleep when I worked overnight. I was awake on my days off when everybody is sleeping. Plus it’s tough working overnight and going to school in the morning. It’s super rough I don’t reccomend it!


I highly do not recommend working overnights and going to school full time. Everyone I know who tried that ended up dropping out.


Make sure to manage your stress levels. It can get risky with psychosis being involved as far as liabilities are concerned (over night work I mean)

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@matthewj That’s the thing though. I’ve worked overnight before and I like it. Plus I do feel it would be easier for me to work then go to school without trying to sleep a little in between. When I try to do that I never really wake up. But I’m fine if I’m already awake. And it would be nice because at night my anxiety is at its worst. Unless I’m doing something. It flares up when I try to sleep at night. So working at night would keep anxiety away and I’m fine sleeping during the day.

@ninjastar I am going to do it as a trial and talk to my employer and ask if it isn’t working out that I’d be able to switch back to days.

@KushiDays I know. I will be fine as long as stress is manageable as I don’t have symptoms unless my stress gets to an unmanageable point. Hasn’t happened yet since I’ve been better but I feel myself heading towards that point which is why I’m getting a different job.


I think for the people I knew it wasn’t so much the schedule that destroyed them as it was trying to balance full time work and full time school. As long as you are sleeping a full amount every day and have time for schoolwork, socialization, and leisure, I could see it working out. I worked about 30 hours a week and took the minimum amount of credits I needed to maintain my scholarship (12) and I mostly tolerated that. I had a bad GPA, though, and now I need to work to boost that before I can get accepted to the graduate program I want.


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