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You had just said you were realizing they were delusions and now you’re back at it! You’re saying the same things again. You’ve been talking about this supposed hit man for over a year. Either they hired the worst hit man in the world or it’s delusions! We all know on here which one it is. I don’t get the Merry Christmas thing. Do you think with all the stress you’re under with your family that I may be time to take a break and go to the ER Crisis? You don’t seem to be getting any better. Maybe some time off will help and some good group therapy.

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Maybe you should become a therapist?

I don’t know about therapist, but I was an 8th grade science teacher and my students always felt comfortable to come talk to me about their problems. Y’all remember how difficult those middle school years were with hormones, body changes, bullys, problems at home. You know those god awful teenage years. I left teaching to work for a big pharmaceutical company. I love science. I learned so much from doing that regarding the fields of the products I marketed, which was the pain, anti depressants and migraine field.

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Well if you can handle juvenile problems you can handle anything.

Ha, not necessarily but I did love my students!

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I’d go back to teaching but I don’t have a masters degree just a bachelors. I move from Louisiana to New York and in New York you have to have a masters degree regardless of your experience. Plus, New York has a rule that you have to take additional classes if you’ve been out of college for over 5 years, basically I’m still paying my student loan for classes they don’t accept after a certain amount of years. New York will get money from you any way they can.

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Does it take forever for an antipsych pills to kick in. I was told different things

How long you have been on the current med?

There’s nothing I can ask or listen to me. Do not listen.I’m a dumb pos that pays attention to other dumb pos.

It can take awhile. Anywhere from 2-12 weeks and then you titrations up in doses because you start out low. Each dose change you give about 2-3 months until you’ve hit the maximum and if that doesn’t work you get the fun game of starting all the way over with the next drug. There is no such thing as a drug without side effects, you just don’t know if you’ll get any or which ones you may get. The problem with mental illness patients is that sometimes they make the mistake of reading the side effects and put it in their heads that they have it. Just know that side effects especially nausea, diarrhea and fatigue usually subside within 1-2 weeks. Some people feel that if they get any side effects it’s forever or that the drug isn’t right for them. Then you have to make sure you’re not looking for side effects or looking to see if someone is talking about you etc because you will then believe it’s happening even if it isn’t. The best thing to do is not even read the side effects if you know that you have the personality to dwell on them. That’s not to say you don’t need to be aware of any potential drug to drug interactions or anything that you need to get blood work done for to check your blood, kidney or liver counts. Your doctor will let you know if you’re on something that calls for random bloodwork. Any anything prescription wise will be automatically flagged in your pharmacy’s computer if they have major drug to drug interactions, but supplements and herbs not prescribed by your doctor are actually best checked with your pharmacist rather than your doctor because they have a better computer program for all interactions. I hope this helps.

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