I have an underlying

Delusions about my upstairs neighbors. Some of it has been real and others quite not. My bf told me to stop paying any attention to them. No one cares.


The more you pay attention the more you fixate. I get obsessed with mine because of some real things in the past. But it was driving me crazy. Couldn’t sleep, thought they were plotting, etc. Lion’s mane extract from RealMushrooms on Amazon cut my anxiety and obsessing to near 0.

it worked fast, too. Same day i took it that afternoon i went shopping and walked by myself to browse first time in years.


That’s true. I have to let it go. I have to ignore them. And worry about the health of my parents.

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Great plan! Everytime you get to thinking of your neighbors, get up and move around or change position. My therapist said it breaks the thought process up. It really helps me.

Does it work towards morons yelling at me in public?

Yes, it should help those delusions as well. I’m glad to hear that you are finally accepting that it’s not real. The hardest part is accepting that it’s not real! Good for you!


Neighbors having someone to o kill me
I heard the guy say kill her

Will be waiting outside and pick fights

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Do you want help or to be helped to jail, where there is no help?

I want to stay the hell away from CAFFEINE. I am losing my grip. I don’t know how I’m gonna see my dad worried about goddam strangers who couldn’t give a ■■■■.tomorrow. it has to be eliminated every dam day. Shits getting old I’m mad at myself.merry ■■■■■■■ Xmas.

Can you just take a walk for a little while? I don’t know where you live but it’s still pretty light out.

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I went bike riding earlier. They haven’t shot me yet.

My mind is a sorry pos. I don’t want to feel the voices anymore.

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:disappointed_relieved: 1111111111111

Then go get some relief at an er, at the least they will give you something strong to calm you down.

I got Klonopin.

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It’s not helping

I haven’t taken it yet

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I can’t make you do anything, I’m not you.
Please do the right thing, get some relief from this hell.

@roxanna I sleep most of the day now. Neighbours don’t bother me too much.

No one can bother you if you dont pay attention