I have a sensitive mouse

:mouse:…i am sensitive !?!
" squeak…squeak !! "
no, i did not mean that mouse people !?!
i meant my laptop :computer::mouse: mouse…only has to ’ glide ’ over a section on the forum and it enters in to it !?!
what the !?! :scream:
i thought i accidentally ’ flagged ’ someone the other day :ghost:
it is good there is not a destruction button :red_circle: …: :bomb::boom:
take care :alien:


Haha, I thought you were talking about that kind of mouse. Mine sometimes gets frozen, I’m the opposite. I have to click the Esc key for it to work again.

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Sometimes I woke up in the middle of night and take a phone to scroll down the forum… Eventually I feel sleepy and I just close my eyes for a minute… Drop the phone…and wake up in the morning worrying if I wrote hjyigstklbvvvjlfdfj and gave a like where I shouldn’t! :neutral_face:

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:joy: :joy:


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