I Have a Crystal Ball in Front of Me

Post in and will tell you your future! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok. What is my future?

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Okay @Leaf

I just rubbed my crystal ball and it says you will have a bite to eat later today!

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Just one bite? 1515

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Oh, hang on! I’m getting another vision from my ball!

You will go to sleep at some point later tonight! Aha! This ball is gold! It’s working like a charm!!


My ball is misting up again!!

It says you will walk in your house during the day!

This is unbelievable, folks! And this crystal ball only cost me $400.00 from Amazon…shipping included!!

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Holy Cow!!

It’s misting up again, @Leaf!

It says you will put some clothes on if you go outside today!! This is truly amazing!!!


Anybody else want an incredible reading from my ball?

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Oh, no!

I just asked for my own reading. It said…

“Your attempt at humour today will fail miserably!”

I’m taking this damn thing back to Amazon for a refund.


@discobot fortune
@anon39054230 fortune

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


My ball just lit up when you posted! It said…

“If you get into a car today, you will put on a seatbelt!”

It’s friggin magic! That’s what it is!!

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Wow you truly have the Inner Eye

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I’m going to buy another crystal ball. That way I’ll have two. Then when people ask me for a reading I’ll say…

Hang on. I have to rub my balls before I give you an answer!


I want to know when will I get married :laughing:

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Can I have my fortune read?

Ahhh does this crystal ball say I will become a legendary filmmaker?!


Hi magic ball when am I going to move into my new house?

Okay @anon80629714

My magic ball is misting up again. It says…

“You will get married when one of you proposes to each other!”

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