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I cannot find the “FAMILY” forum. Am I on the wrong forum? PLS advise

I’m just going to read your comments and decide what I may, write about, my adult son Darren, who is a paranoid Schizophrenic.

I find it very difficult to participate without becoming VERY emotional, but I am inspired, encouraged and thankful/grateful for your support, no matter to what degree.

Darren is 42, and owns a home in a small town, Ontario. He was an industrial mechanic millwright until he could no longer work on a continuous basis.

His life is a contiual struggle now with his demons. He was living with us, then had to move out, and has just returned after 5 months. We live in a modest 4 bedroom freehold town house.

He is very close to his mother - she supports him financially and in every way she can, she would die for him. His brother who is 36 resides with us as well and does not have a relationship with Darren

He considers me his adversary - will not talk to me look at me or even be in the same room as I.
He spends MOST of his time cloistered in his bedroom ecept when he goes outside for smoking.

His behavior - I will reveal a little at a time as I can.

He has been aprehended twice in the past to force him into psyciatric care. The last occurrence involved 7 police officers, myself and his brother restraining him after breaking down his bedroom door at 3am a trauma none of us can forget especially Darren because he did not understand what was happening and resisted as if his life depended on it. He spent a short time in Psyc hospital, our home, then moved out, to return to his home.

I think this is a wonderful forum filled with loving,caring people and I look forward to ANY advice you may give me

I have encouraged my wife to participate, but she has not so far chosen to do so. She cannot get over the shame and stigma associated with mental illness

Thank you



The Family forum is at http://family.schizophrenia.com. The forum you’re posting in now is a peer support forum for people with schizophrenia or a closely related condition. The Family forum is the place for people like you, who have a loved one they’re concerned about.

Best of luck,
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