I had A Nap!

In a recent study, researchers say napping two or three times a week might be good for your heart health. Experts say daily napping may be a sign of inadequate nighttime sleep or an underlying health problem.

I have a lot of them

Do you nap?


i used to nap till i came out of second time psych ward, then i stopped doing it… Now I just sleep at night.

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When I am overcome with the meds, I take a nap. I try to make it about 30 minutes max, as I don’t want to upset my sleep cycle.

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I nap on the couch, if I nap in bed I end up sleeping for 2 to 3 hours

I nap every day but then again I’m only sleeping 3 or 4 hours each night.

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I used to nap for hours everyday, but since I drink a lot of caffeine now a days I only nap once a day min. Or just at night.

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I felt so rotten from lack of sleep, have spent the last three days drifting in and out during the day and night

Feel pretty well rested now, and will be going back to work tomorrow.

Rest is key for me when I get stressed from work etc.

Great thing about being self-employed is the flexibility.

But yes, during time off at weekends I will have a 1-2 hour nap on a Saturday and Sunday, and if off during the week, I’ll nap twice a day

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I’ll crash on the couch usually after dinner.
Sometimes I’ll sleep for a few hours before bedtime.
But I make sure I take my meds before bedtime.


Can’t really nap on meds

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