I got one of those projectors so I can sleep under the stars

looks amazing ------


Now I want one!

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I just ordered it

U mean like the ones for ur room. Thats awesome im with Hopeful that i want one too. How much do they cost?

I paid like £92 but it’s going back if it disappoints.

I just looked them up and i don’t think ull be dissapointed. They look really cool. Im getting one now. Next on my shopping list

This is the one I got Laser Twilight - Cosmos Laser Star Projector https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01231T1LC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awd_GIYGwbFD15KAR

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Thats really cool i saw that one but not in my price range. Which one would u like im looking at two. Either this one

Or this one

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Looks like this one?

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It’s not the same one.

@Kazuma those look reasonable deals

Yea i know. I just cant decide which one is better or not. They both look pretty similar

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you can always get both send one back :smile:

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Im going with the first one actually. The one with all the hexagons or whatever. Did my research and looks great. Thanks for turning me on to this. This is gonna make my room shine at night

:smiley: I’m hoping this will put me to sleep

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