I got my hair cut

It looks nice. My provider, in a burst of energy, cut all we clients hair. Mine is a great improvement. Mental anguish affects my hair and it was wild. Sorry no pic. I hope to be confident enough to take and show pictures some day.


Why didn’t you have them all cut?

I need a haircut but I don’t care about it. I’m afraid to go to a barber.

I don’t understand your question. Will you reword it?

That’s great! It feels good to look nice.

I think he’s trying to make a joke. You said you got a haircut which could mean only one hair.

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In Pennsylvania, they refer to your hairs, not your hair.

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Saying “a haircut” is fine. Saying “why didn’t you get them all cut” is just a really old joke.


I need a haircut.
I’ll have my father buzz cut it soon.

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I shaved my head and beard yesterday then took a shower.


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