I got my first job to start my career

So I applied for a job a few weeks ago for a senior home a minute away from my house. Last Wednesday I went for an interview and they told me they would probably call me Monday or Tuesday. Here it is Thursday and I thought I didn’t get it. They called me today and said they talked to one of my two references (They need to talk to both) but they couldn’t get a hold of one. They were impressed though by my interview, personality, and reference that they want to hire me and call my other reference over time but not stress it. So Tuesday I start my very first paid job as a nursing assistant. I did two months in school in the field but was not paid. So now I have a job in a nursing home till January next year, I will then go and finish clinical and when I finish that they will have a spot held for me to come back and will pay me a bigger paycheck. I was in a rut for a while the past month and now things are starting to look back up.


Congratulations @dannyboy6657 That’s really good news! Sounds like a great job opportunity for you and only having a one minute commute to work is pretty ideal too. :slight_smile:

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yeah, Congratulations!

Seeee :smiley: When things seem to be going horrible never give up cos there is always something good round the corner.


Oh… and congratulations :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Always good to hear someone having success

Congratulations! Way to go. Keep dreaming

Good going @dannyboy6657 ! :sunny:

Congrats on the new job !!!