I got banned from an LGBT FB Group

I am not designed to handle forums other than this forum. I get in trouble in others insulting and threatening other members when they disagree with me. I feel different than normies. I don’t use other forums anymore. I was on technology and computers forums, I threatened someone, they banned us both for a few days and made our accounts limited according to the moderator I spoke with (maybe he’s lying idk), this happened a lot.

Luckily I can handle my only friend as he has schizophrenic friends, twin brothers with severe sz. I think he’s empathetic towards szics because he saw how sz destroyed those twin szic friends.


I think I got better here from seeing my previous posts I posted here which make no sense to me now. This forum is better moderated, no religion and politics, two subjects that make ppl fight.


I will give this a go. I didn’t think to join one like that.

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This sort of stuff confuses me. They had courses for Sociology on this kind of stuff, but I was heavily into the Classical Theory side of things, and never studied anything on gender.

All I was trying to do was make some LGBT friends locally, but it seems to not be that straight forward.

I don’t know where to turn, as this group showed me that still carrying the SZ label is toxic. On top of that the ASD thing I am still coming to terms with, but having recently come out and looking at this Autigender thing which I have never heard of confuses things even more.

To be honest I think I am going to have to accept defeat on this and focus on something different, as it’s a mine field to navigate.


I sucks that you have to give up on this. Looking for love in all the wrong places.

Pretty much. I am 33 and my longest relationship was 3 months, and pretty much the only one I have had.

Most of my experiences of meeting people online has been centered around being a hook up rather than anything serious.

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I get suspended on this site all the time for being a “Conspiracy theorist” LOL, shouldn’t surprise anyone anymore at this point getting banned for expressing your opinions.

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