I got a new bed, been sleeping better

So my family had a king size bed in storage and I was like “I’ll take it”, as I had been sleeping on a friggin child size bed my whole life. Now I can make snow angels on my bed and roll around and lay across it diagonally. I slept like 10 hours the past couple of nights. I had lots of vivid dreams, half of them were inappropriate and half of them were too complex to go on and on about. But the moral of the story of one of my dreams was not to eat the food at airports, shopping malls or amusement parks because they put drugs in the food to make you spend more money and think everything is nice while it’s actually crappy. That was one of my dreams. I figured out that the food was making everyone hallucinate the shopping mall being some beautiful place and then I barfed up a sandwich to see that the place was hundred of years old and made of rusting iron, not polished marble.

Vivid dreams are fun.

Now I have to read for school all day, hope someone enjoyed that random story


I’ve bought a new bed too. I sleep much better. My old bed was almost 20 years old and broken.

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Snow-angels… Haha, that’s cute :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I slept with my feet dangling into space past the foot of the bed for years. New beds are expensive!! Finally my housemate got married and when he moved out he gave me his old bed which was a queen-size, it was a little better. Then about 7 years ago my whole family chipped in and gave me a brand new bed/dresser set for Christmas. I have all the room I need.

I’m sleeping in a single bed now. In college I had a full sized bed only for a little while. My mom didn’t want me to keep it, because she thought she could keep me celibate. I just slept in the single bed with my boyfriend. I hated it, but I didn’t have the brain power to think to change it -gotta love Schizophrenia-.

Now I’m going to get a roommate when I move. I am not living with her uber-christian attitudes.

disgusting, Anyway, yeah your back will thank you. I like having a single bed coz it makes more space in my room. Your sleeping in a king size bed? Overkill for just one person. Take up all your space. Be fortunate just look at the sleeping conditions of people in poorer countries. They’ll sleep anywhere, some sadness. But yeah cool random story.

I sleep on a Queen Size bed - its plenty big enough for me - A King size bed is huge for one person, but at least you can sleep in luxury

I have a decent size bed. I think it’s a full or double bed. Nothing too big especially as my bedroom is on the small size but it is comfy and can sleep more than I and my cat if the occasion requires this…when that occasion will be is another matter entirely :smile:

I was trying to rough it on a cot there for a while. It totally sucked.