I got a haircut

It doesn’t bother me to have short hair, but i kind of wish i would have waited until summer, now my head will be cold all winter! :s


I got one as well the other day.

Put a hat on 151525

Do you just buzz it all off or get the salon lady to get it look all nice and styled?

I got a 4 on the sides and clipped on the top :smiley:

At Supercuts :smiley:

She was annoying as hell!! But did a decent job so I gave her $22 when the total was 18.50$. She was thankful so all worked out well in the end.

I found a loony tunes dad cap i like a lot, i need to find a good Winter hat…

A haircut in Romania is 3-4 dollars
One from a known hairstylist might reach 10

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I desperately want to get a haircut this week. Hopefully I’ll work up the willpower to do so.

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A toque is the solution to a cold head

I need a hair buzz desperately.
My hair is starting to look wild.

I am always wearing a cap anyway but still.

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