I give up. ***

My husband doesn’t give a ■■■■. My clinician is slow at best and mostly just brushes off what I tell her. I keep trying to hold myself together and deal with all the chaos my head is creating but no one seems to care how much I’m falling apart trying to keep my ■■■■ together. So ■■■■ it. I give up.



You need to go to the hospital.

Your husband needs to figure out childcare by himself,

You’re not well.

Right with you. I’m tired of people who don’t give a ■■■■.


I would ask your therapist to change their approach to one that suits you better. By just giving an example of how you believe therapy is supposed to go, they can usually base a scientific approach that surrounds your premise.

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I don’t have a therapist. My insurance won’t cover one. I have a clinician, which is a glorified case manager. She’s the go between for me and my doctor. She’s in the process of get a patient assistance form filled out so I can hopefully switch to the shot and start a higher dose, but she’s taking her sweet time like there’s no urgency.

I don’t know. It’s probably my own fault. Maybe if I want so scared to look crazy she would believe me when I say I’m not doing well.

I talked to Blake. I’m going to talk to my clinician in the morning about getting the shot asap and just hope after the first one I’ll get the patient assistance program.

He said he could stay home tomorrow if I need him, so we’ll decide on that in the morning.

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Sorry to hear sounds like a really tough situation,
Hope that you can hang in there and weather the storm

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