I gave my son an early birthday present and I don't think he liked it

He seemed kind of disappointed. But he’s so hard to buy for. I feel bad now.


I’m sure he appreciates the thought at least. I’d ask him to give you a list of what he wants so you can pick something he likes yet still surprising him since he won’t know which one you got. That’s what we do for our kids


Sorry @leafy. It’s the thought that counts. Maybe you can ask him about it and figure something out.

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What did you get him?

Some people I know communicate openly when they don’t like a gift and tell me to get something else in the future rather than get them something they don’t like.

The thought or just that he got a gift at all is something to appreciate.

Can you communicate with him?
Ask if he likes it or what he wants in the future or needs .


I got him a 10 yr old Chinese elm Bonsai tree, he loves trees, i would have thought he would love it


That’s a nice gift, maybe he likes it more than you think. Maybe give it time. It might take someone else telling him how cool it is before he realizes. Kids.


A precious gift.

He probably loves it.
I hope he appreciates it andloves it.


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