I finished cleaning my apartment for the inspection today

I have 3 hours to spare. I’ve been procrastinating it till the last minute but got it done really quickly. I keep up on it pretty good so really not that much needed done. My ex has been cleaning non-stop for days. He drives me crazy the way he goes overboard on inspections. But I do have to admit his place actually looks really nice. He made good headway on some of the clutter this time.


Good luck with your inspection!

I’m sure it’ll be fine.

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Thank you @anon54386108

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Make sure they don’t find your ‘porn corner’!

C’mon, doesn’t everyone have one of those somewhere in the house? :wink:

My brother asked me to clean his room if he dies unexpectedly…didn’t want dear old Mom to discover all of his old porn mags after he was gone.

I was really touched! (cue sarcasm).

Where are you based if you are having inspections? Switzerland?

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I live in a Govt funded apartment complex in Northern California

LOL. I have the same arrangement with my sister. If I die suddenly, clear out the spank bank before anyone else sees it :rofl:

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