I don't want to go to hell

Ah, try not to be. It’s all in your head.

But you do need good treatment to give you an edge. What AP are you on?

What if it’s not?

Im on klozapol 151

Hmm. That’s the strong stuff.

Are you comfortable with supplements? I have a possible suggestion.

I was taking supplements, and that did nothing

There’s an antipsychotic one making the rounds on this forum that has a good success rate. Amyloban 3399. Lots of testimonials in this thread (I take it too, to good effect:)

@velociraptor relies on it to keep his AP dose low and manage a full-time job, even. Other people have quality of life increases with it.

But it’s not for everyone. Some people get a headache from it.

This is just about the only supplement people actually report fairly quick antipsychotic effects from, that is generally safe. There is a blood thinning effect though.

Okay I understand, but why did my pdoc told nothing about it

It’s very obscure at the moment. MrSquirrel’s pdoc is advocating it to his patients after his success, but other than that it’s pretty much unknown.

Oh okay 151511515

Honestly, nobody even knows if hell is a real place or not, so don’t worry

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Hell is a state of mind, not a place.


Think about ice cream, if it helps. Or rainbows.

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I hope you feel better. It sounds like you were raised in a religious household as I did. I am on 3 mg of Vraylar which is working for me. What does your psychiatrist have to say about your thoughts?

Why don’t read some of the far fetched things in the Bible, that would probably help, it always helps me

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It does not help me :confused::confused:

We’ll see, after I come back from my vacations

Yeah my voices say I’m going to hell forever and torture my body saying thats just a small sample of hell but I stopped believing in them they never gave me proof that they are God or have the power to send me to hell their just all talk. I tell them to prove it and they tell me they don’t have to prove any thing to me and tell me to listen to them but then I say I don’t have to do any thing for them. They mostly make smart remarks and give me feelings to prove their points and lol at ever little thing I do cuz I can’t do their test or do something a certain way they to do. So I don’t think your going to hell my voices say that I’m the weakest being that they have tested ever and say I’m the only one that’s going to hell but like I said there’s no proof to this iv always beat people at video games and competitions and finished high school so I’m pretty sure that they have the wrong being and they there is some one weaker out there than me. They say that I’m weak for not being able to quit cigarettes but there’s loads of people out there that die from it and couldn’t quit so iam not sure what the voices are getting at. They just made me deaf in one ear while writing this to send a message that they are God and the illuminati but I say who cares there not the boss of me and they never really gave me a chance with there test just really bad cravings/thoughts for cigs and said that’s all that mattered but I can’t quit they just torment me day and night about hell and how I am never gonna see the day of light again and how they are gonna rape me feed me to dogs and subject me to infinite pain and being uncomfortable. They say that I am gonna pay for every bit of pleasure that iv had on this earth and say thats y the illuminati symbol is on the dollar cuz ever one pays and how the word pain sounds like pay. But like I said your not going to hell my voices say that its just me thats going and ever one else is in heaven and my family doesn’t exist any more and the ones I see are just clones. They swear that most people listen to them and I’m the only one that didn’t so I failed the test I tell them that I don’t want any thing to do with their test but they keep testing me and giving me feelings while I try to ignore them i even tell them what they want and they just say death so there’s no reasoning with them they never gave me a chance


I can really relate to your profile pic by the way it’d all the things the voices tell me

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Vacations? Sounds fun. Cowabunga!!

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Jonah and the whale causes me to be a skeptic, what about you?