I don't know what is wrong with me

I would love if sb gave me advice. I was diagnosed with some kind of acute psychosis 11years ago. I have been on different meds and different doses throughout. I took Amisulpride very low dose of 100mg for the last 4 years but it stopped working and in addition I have ended up with high level of prolactin. I became depressed and paranoid. They prescribed me Quetiapine but had bad side effects so stopped taking it whatsoever. I started again 3days ago because of increasing paranoia and depressive symptoms-suicidal ideations, crying, withdrawal etc. When I look back when being off meds I have had hyper ending with full psychosis or hypo episodes, or depressive with paranoia episodes. Does it mean that my diagnose is wrong? Does it not look like bipolar? So then Quetiapine should be ok isn’t? As it is also mood stabilizer? Thanks in advance.