I don't have a life


Remember your name. Been away a long time…keeping busy. Still same issues etc but trying hard to assimilate. Sz stays with you for life at the moment but the future is definitely brighter.

May be around. May not haha. I still practice what I preach…and I have an agenda for the support of the mentally ill online…well more honestly the schizophrenics. Others can be problematic within such an environment!

Peace and well met again!


You have an unique name, an unique life experience, a distinctive character, and you have your own free will! (The same applies to everyone :smile:)

We don’t need to be pre-programmed robot, so that we live the supposedly normal lives or lives that are predetermined. The lesson? If we make the right choice and it results in good ending, would we not be more happier than if we were predetermined?

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