I didn't ask questions when I was little

I heard that there are an average of 300 questions asked a mother on an average day.
I grew up ignorant because I learned very early not to ask questions. My mother would get angry and call me stupid. This developed into a learning shyness and all kinds of problems due to not knowing any better.

You’re an adult now. You can get answers to many questions just by asking, even if you are only asking yourself.

I am getting answers now, and answers I can trust. That is how I learned the difference.

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to beautiful chordy,
i was the same, asking questions was a no, no and asking for food was even worse , no one spoke to me…it was a crappy childhood…sorry you had to go through that, i can understand .
take care

so you know what it feels like.
That’s an interesting avatar, darksith. It looks like someone trying to save a ghost.

thanks ,yeah i know i am a magical man/sith.
take care

chordy, I know the problems youre going through are tough,… let the mind heal, and the heart. I hope things improve for you.

They already are a lot, karl. I would not have the strength to remember the bad times and deal with them if I wasn’t doing pretty well presently.

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