I can't help it I just want it to stop


why do u think u stare at them so much? i sorta just glance every now and then


I dont know man. Used to be like you and now Im like this since a few months ago. I wanna say its like some sort of ocd because I just simlpy cant help it


hmm could be anxiety…are u on an antidepressant?


Yeah bupropion 150 mg… its known to cause anxiety haha but noone will change it because its all that has helped my depression in the past. Id take depression over this tbh


yea i got anxiety on welbutrin


Did you switch out? If you did what did you switch to


i was recently switched from cymbalta to effexor


Hows effexor? Ive had friends who were helped with it and I wanna convince the pdoc


Stop it, chess 366666


it works good… so did cymbalta but i didnt like the side effects and the pain relief effect


i was on a really shitty ed for far too long, i should have shopped around but i was just glad to of a little relief, too much relief though, i was zombified, glad i changed eventually :confused:


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