I cannot make eye contact

Do you have depression? Cause when i had major depressive disorder i could barely (if i forced myself) make very short eye contact. It also made me feel very shy

i want to make but i can’t .

i dun understand what u mean and i think u din get what i want to say,i am not intetested if i can glaring at them,or if they are glaring at me. i just can’t catch the gaze from other people , neither i can look back to them , i can’t interpret the message “when” we are looking into each other

yes i think maybe i have depression but that’s long time ago but i feel it is more like the cognitive impairment to me that i can’t look at others easily

Maybe you just have social anxiety? Thay could explain a lot

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i think my eyes are like these :slight_smile:

that’s sometimes related to schizophrenia

Did have those eyes from birth?

no , not before my mental health deteriorates

Sz doesn’t cause crossed eyes or strabismus. I had strabismus since birth. Dr said its a defective eye muscle. I was social and was making eye contact with one eye before schizophrenia. I just have bad depth perception and difficulty driving.
A severe brain concussion or brain surgery can do these, did you have any of these?

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maybe there are damages in my cranial nerves either during taking the antidepressant/ Aps / having withdrawal from them

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