I broke the last of my tooth and I'm so upset at myself

On a piece of chicken nugget! I feel like crying, but at least it was a tooth nobody can see. I’m so embarrassed.
I hardly brush my teeth but I’ve been doing it way more now and now this happens. Kind of feel like even if I do try to do self care my body doesn’t care. Like it’s too late and I’m being punished for it.

I have a hole in my two front teeth I got sealed up somehow at least! Trying to remain positive, I go to a recovery school and nobody can relate to my poor self care. Can anyone else relate and what worked for you? Thanks, hope this is the right topic, this forum is confusing!

I felt really bad about my teeth situation too. I didn’t brush my teeth at all over this past summer. I also happened to drink a ton of energy drinks to deal with my then untreated narcolepsy & the sedation from geodon. It destroyed my teeth…cost well over $1000…probably nearly $3000…estimated was $5000 but luckily I didn’t end up needing as many crowns as they thought I would initially I only needed one. But yeah I felt awful that I’d cost my parents so much money in dental bills, and all the work on my teeth has made them more sensitive so I can barely eat cold stuff anymore.

I’m back to brushing every night again thankfully.

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My teeth are horrid. I’m soon getting all the top pulled and getting a top denture plate

Sometimes I get lazy and take a mouthful of mouthwash, then stick the electric toothbrush in my mouth and kill two birds with one stone. A mouthwash / tooth brushing combo.

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i feel you, I have to get root canals soon

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ok that is a good idea, I used to just use mouthwash in random places whenever I was walking somewhere

The only problem was that the green mouthwash turned my teeth green. So I brushed my teeth with toothpaste and then left that toothpaste foam in my mouth while I had a shower. That got rid of the green.

Leaving the stuff in your mouth for a long time period does wonders.

I also had a cavity which was below the gum line, so day after day I put salt in a mug with hot water and kept rinsing my mouth with the salt water for many days. This eventually killed the cavity. No more sore gum, no more cavity.

By the way, that tooth had cracked and pieces had fallen out and that led to an infected root.

The salt water killed that problem as well.

The dentist said that the tooth had to come out. That was two years ago, but all is still well today.