I asked my psychiatrist for more AD

I just don´t feel right. It´s like last year: until I don´t hit a depression crisis I won´t go to my doctor for AD.

Right now I´m taking 20 mg fluoxetine for a year now. But I think it´s not enough.

I just asked my psychiatrist if my family doctor can (telematically because I don´t live there) prescribe a higher dose.


I can understand not feeling right.
Maybe you’re right and a increase in your AD would help.

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hopefully the med increase will help you if you manage to get it approved.

I’m maxed on my AD. I just simply feel better on a higher dose. I get crippling depression. I even have signs of depression on a max dose but at least I get out of bed and take care of things.

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thank you. I learned last year that I cannot hit rock bottom with depression. You don´t even have the willpower to call your doctor for an appointment. I´m not in that state for now, but if I continue untreated I will be there again.

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