I am one step forward

Today I was paid all dues to the builder and own my new home.
Another good thing today is :-


Congratulations :slight_smile:

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Happy Birthday!

is it yours

how old?

hope you keep getting blessings.

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Congratulations @anon68148378!

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I completed 47 years.


Happy birthday @anon68148378 … may u live 100 years…


well done, did you just build a new home?

No, I booked this home 4 years ago by sale agreement. Yesterday I paid all money and registered this home in my and wife’s joint name. It is 4BHK row house.


Congrats on owning your new home and Happy Birthday



I am very happy for you.

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Yes @SacredNeigh7, thanks. Some years ago it looked like impossible to me. When I didn’t understand that what happened to me. Why I loosed my behavior. But some how I overcame that situation. What I say. I replied in this forum about my recovery, but it is not enough. I know schizophernia is deadly disease. I really misguided my psychiatric doctor when I started to recover. I take a risk of low medicine. And hopefully I am controlling myself in good manner.

@anon68148378 you’re an inspiration to me. May the house last for the future generations … happy birthday!!

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