I am king of my world....feeling great

I feel so happy having all my dentistry work done and all the doctors like my colonoscopy are behind me…nothing but blue sky and music to keep me happy.


Favorite artist???.

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It’$ ah triky questshun.,


Boogity!!! !! !!!

@ATARI right now it’s the Stone Temple Pilots…


Love those guise.,

Scott made a solo a-while back.,

12 bar blues!.,

Chek chek it out!!! !! !!!

‘barbarella come and save me from my misery, can’t you see that it’s a disease’!.,

Yoyoyoyo!!! !! !!!

Yay! That’s good news @jukebox.

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Good to hear! I’ve learned over the years to really enjoy those good times! You never know what is around the corner so give yourself a treat and enjoy yourself! Well done you!


I’m glad you’re feeling good @jukebox!

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super duper glad you’re feeling well! i hope things stay great

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are you new to the forum, welcome.

Way to go @jukebox

hope that life keeps shining in your corner.

What can i say - congratulations on all accounts. Glad you’re through the rough end of it.

May many more good things come your way @jukebox!

yes im new! thank you

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well, tell us about You.

I’m a fast reader, you can make it as long as you want.

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omg aww
i don’t wanna take over another persons thread haha !

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I bet your’e young enough to be my daughter

but not sure, you haven’t said, or least I haven’t seen it.

Glad your’e here.

i’m 18! thank you so much

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