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I am happy


I’ve met someone I really like, my head is actually blown… I’m so happy and amazed. I feel so silly but I’m crazy about this person already :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Awesome! Sounds like you’re head over heels!

Now just don’t go and say ‘Something Stupid’. :wink:


Lmaoooo I feel like I’m so close to that. :joy: I’m soooo happy


@Spiderpig goes dancing with her new Beau…


You are such an incredibly lovely and kind young lady. I couldn’t be more excited and thrilled for you. I hope you have many more wonderful dates and the person turns out to be your soul mate. That’s what you deserve, to find the one to walk the rest of your life with. I found mine and for the first time in my life I know what it means to be truly loved. And it’s AWESOME! I love you @Spiderpig, good luck honey.


Oh you :heart:️ I’m so happy you found your one. I’m besotted by this person, he works away Monday-Friday though and after spending all weekend with him, I’m incredibly lonely… that could take some getting used too but he’s so worth it!!


Wow! Fingers crossed it works out ! :sunny:


I am so happy for you @Spiderpig. Keep us posted.


Good for you @Spiderpig! Good luck, not that you need it…


Thats awesome @Spiderpig good luck to you!!


What a lucky guy


Well done you! It’s always a long journey but it’s nice to feel so cool after meeting someone! May your heart continue to soar and you get treated like you should be!


Hope you are lucky to find your soul mate this time. @Spiderpig Keep us updated.


Hope you will be very happy together
How did you meet


Is he very handsome does he make you laugh


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