I am brainwashed

I feel mentally surrounded by people that force me to seek their approval or validation. They take my jokes and sarcasm as serious but when it comes to anything about my emotion its instantly a joke and I am unable to explore my emotion because of being called gay or having a voice try to draw attention to me.

I’m straight male 23 years old.

The doctors are thinking I had a mini stroke right side of head and body. but I know alot of the damage i took was premeditated to allow them energetic or spirtual access to me. They molest me spiritually then call me gay.

I feel dead emotionally like all my emotion snsnd energy is wicked off of me and perversely enjoyed by some creepy person.

I’ve always been a fighter and always held myown. It was when I felt like I was a form of entertainment and ridicule by people that I became more self aware and well behaved. That was the worst thing i could have done because i now i ain’t worth a ■■■■

I am straight too but I had gay intrusive thoughts in the past. We are not defined by our thoughts or voices.

Idk why it gets to me so bad. I guess because I miss feeling emotionally balanced so now i see my emotions as a weak pussu or inferior in my eyes and others.

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