I am being treated for Schizophrenia [ Paranoid type ]. I'm not being treated for depression. What do you do for depression? I have this [[[ anhedonia ]]]

I am being treated for Schizophrenia [ Paranoid type ]. I’m not being treated for depression.

When I started using 100 mg B6 everyday, the improvement was awesome


I thought B6 helped me as a Schizophrenic.

Back then I don’t know

that it is not Schizophrenia alone,

it’s actually depression.

Few years ago I could watch Television all day long


now, I have no interest and

no motivation.

This is because of DEPRESSION.

Even Sarcosine didn’t improve my lack of interest.

I need to follow treatment for Depression.

What do you do for depression?

I have this [[[ anhedonia ]]]

I think you can try antidepressant,they work

I am on mirtazapine,it helps me…


magic. i do mostly magic for depression. js its not that bad of a gig when you’re audience is all of the wake world. And when they are being terrible time to write or time to paint but mostly maybe trying to read the situations out and find a passable reason to keep you good trains of thought and cut the bad ones, good things are sure to come.


Your doctor may be able to prescribe an astidepressant.

Those feelings are covered on the negative symptoms of schizophrenia. It could be that rather than depression, but that’s for your Dr to decide!

Personally I’d give therapy a go, as CBT I believe has been shown to be as effective as tablets for mild depression.

I’m still trying orthomolecular medicine and think it might help.

I’m currently taking Berocca with my breakfast each morning and 2 vit B complex tablets with my meds and a omega 3 fish oil capsule at night.

Hi my friend,
perhaps it can be useful you check out next link which contains a complete information about negative symptoms:
Schizophrenia Symptoms


For me the schizophrenia meds make me depressed so then I need stimulants to feel any motivation for life.

My pdoc prescribed me olanzapine for depression - he didn’t want to put me on an antidepressant, and said the olanzapine acts as one. So I take it along with my main med amisulpride and it works better together than the amisulpride alone.