I am ( another oldie)

i Am

I am the demon that haunts you in the night

I am the one that will deliver your deadly fright

I am the person who will rid you of your sleep

I am the reason that at night you only weep

I am the memory of a broken heart and dreams

I am the reason your clothes all broke their seams

I am the reminder for your mistakes and lost hope

I am the constant pain that you can no longer cope

I am the dreams that have been broken in the past

I am the clock in which happiness goes by so fast

I am the darkness that covers your body and soul

I am the missing piece so you can never be whole

i am the knife that cuts deep within your heart

i am the moment in which all your pain did start

I am the fear from which your future is to be laid

I am the stone from which your tomb stone will be made

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