I am an accomplished Occlumens

i know it is probably just a made up word but it is the only way i can describe the art of thought blocking in my head,

it says in hp that Occlumency is the art of protecting ones mind from external penetration by a Ligilimens now idk about external force as i would call it it an internal force within my mind, i would say that i am not only an Occlumens but i also practice Ligilimens on myself but they are just different parts of my mind acting on each other,

when i Ligilimens myself i instantly Occlumens myself, the art of thought blocking is a reaction to a penetrating thought or an intrusive thought that should not be there or just ‘falls through the cracks’

the mind surely is a complicated thing.


I’m happy you have some coping skills.

I guess that’s the beauty of language.

Take care. :v:

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learning to take the captains seat of your mind is a great skill.


Medication blocks thoughts for me.

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