Hypothesis medicines in the future

Think about this, tomatoes, corn and watermelon were once tiny little fruits and we’re barely edible. However people wanted to use it because they saw potential in it. Over many years of cloning and evolving the plants they caused the fruits to be what it is today.

There is so much therapeutic and medicinal use of marijuana and interest, and mankind is now in a more advanced stage in history then when we advanced those crops in the past. 100 years from now it could be engineered in such a way that it can be a cbd product with properties we can’t even fathom today and it will treat sz. Who knows. Well to think we have genetically engineered plants in the past to fit our needs makes me think we have sooo much potential one day in the field of medicine and I think we will find so many better treatments for all kinds of diseases in the next 50-100 years. It will be interesting


It’s gonna be weird.


yeah, an appetite suppressant would save lives

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